Most of our jewellery are purchased from a previous owner.

We mainly deal with antique jewellery but you can find jewellery from the last few decades as well. All of our merchandise was delicately cleaned, polished or in some cases restaurated, so it is guaranteed to be in a good condition.


In Hungary, the quality of every jewellery is strictly controlled, therefore everything in our shop is guaranteed to have an official Hungarian hallmark.


We issue a certification of our every jewellery, and if the jewellery is of high value we then have a special certificate issued by the Hungarian Chamber of Judicial Experts.

Caution! The jewellery mentioned in the previous passages are either antique or older, or in some cases were made in the last few decades. In all cases it is guaranteed that the jewellery bought, contains the materials stated in its certificate.

As most of our jewellery is from a previous owner, and has been worn – in some cases they might even be 80-100 years old – it is unavoidable that sometimes minor damages and signs of wear appear, either because of use or simply because the material is old.

Sadly, we can not guarantee that such damages will not appear after purchase, should it happen, we are glad to renovate it if possible.

In case you would bring back the purchased jewellery after a few days it has been purchased, we can only accept the complaint and take it back if: the jewellery shows no sign of any tinkering.


The price of the jewellry includes adjustment to size. Only price the customer has to bear is the material that might needed to be added.


The purchased jewellery will be shipped to your address within Hungary for free. If after receiving your order, you have any complaints or problem with the package, please immediately contact us via email or by calling us.

The package is then sent back to us and we record your complaint. In every case the complaint is legitimate, our professional colleagues immediately take care of it.


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